If Not Now, Then When? (Creating Your Vision Of Home)

Monday Mar 07th, 2022


Buying a home is a great achievement for you. But with an ailing economy, rising unemployment, and the implications for financial stability, getting a new home can be a challenge. However, there is some good news. With the right vision of your home, you can buy your first home despite any current challenges.

Why Do You Need A Vision of Your Home?

Your vision of your home is a description (preferably written) of how you want your life to be after buying your home. It is essentially comprised of where and how you live, work, play, rest, among other aspects of your life.

House hunting is a tedious and painstaking job that can be challenging for even the most stout-hearted person. But, thankfully, a clear vision of home will give you all the enthusiasm, energy, accountability, and commitment that you need to break through all that tedium and stress to land the home of your dream.


How Do You Write A Vision of Your Home?

Crafting a vision of your home isn't rocket science. Neither is it fantasy. It is something in between as you'd have to see your life as a mini ecosystem where every element and detail is intricately intertwined with your vision of your home. Some of these elements include your finances, work, relationships, hobbies, security, and of course, location, among numerous other things.

The idea is to strike a balance between these elements so that each benefits from the home you settle for. Say for instance, you get a home that is far from a place that you enjoy frequenting like your gym or your parent’s home; it would cost you more to visit that place. The other option would be to reduce such visits or cut them off altogether.

With that in mind, here are the things that you should include in your vision of home:

  1. Meeting monthly work targets (you want to include the extra hours that might be necessary)
  2. Limiting your monthly mortgage payment to a specific amount. You want to juxtapose this amount with what you could afford if you took a different job
  3. Getting a smaller or bigger home that matches your vision. If you think you are better off with a roommate or tenant, include that too.
  4. You should include the distance between your workplace and your favorite hangout in the afternoon, or pop-up.
  5. Make sure to list your specific requirements of the home. Are you big on homes with CAT-5 wiring, DSL availability and updated electrical systems? If you are, include that                                          in your draft of your vision too.
  6. Incorporate the distance of your dream home to friends, families, your favorite hangouts, your favorite restaurants, bookstore, book club, or your gym
  7. If you have a car, then you want to consider the distance of a secure garage to park your car at home or when you go visiting at your friends and family.

That said, now that you have got your vision down pat, here are some reasons why you should buy your first home as soon as possible!

You Get to Build Equity

Equity is essentially the amount of value that your property has. Equity grows when the market value of your home increases. It also grows when you make extra mortgage payments. Buying your first home allows you to leverage this equity. This means that you can redraw your loan or borrow money on top of your equity with an additional advance or via mortgage refinancing. The generated funds can then be invested in several other things to make your life better.

You Have More Security

If you live in a leased home, you are at the mercy of a landlord who might decide to cancel the lease when it suits them. In such a situation, you’d be faced with a load of inconvenience, insecurity, instability, and potential financial challenges.

Owning your own home eliminates the possibility of such an event, and you get the peace of mind that comes with owning the property you live in. Like we all know, peace of mind is priceless.

You Will Be Making Your Dreams Come Through

What is the point of having a vision of your home if you can't make that vision a reality? When you live in a rented apartment, you don't get to tweak things to your taste, or you risk irking your landlord. However, when you buy your first home, you will be living out a dream of staying in a home designed to your taste and situated where you want it to be. Few things are as pleasing as that.


Getting your first home is a great idea despite the status quo and all. We believe all you need is a vision of that home and a reminder of the benefits to be had from getting it. They say there is never a right time to do anything. So, when it comes to buying your first home, if not now, then when? Get in contact with me today, and let’s collaborate towards finding and getting you your dream home.

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